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Clearwater River Valley

What We Stand For

The Democratic Party stands for a vision of America where every citizen has the opportunity to succeed and where our shared values of equality, justice, and progress guide our policies. We believe in expanding access to affordable healthcare for all, tackling climate change to protect our planet, and fostering an economy that works for everyone by raising the minimum wage and promoting workers’ rights. We are dedicated to protecting and expanding civil rights and social justice, supporting LGBTQ+ rights, women’s reproductive rights, and criminal justice reform.

We advocate for sensible gun control measures, comprehensive immigration reform, and a compassionate approach to addressing the challenges of immigration. In the global arena, we prioritize diplomacy, cooperation, and human rights, working with our allies to create a more peaceful and just world. Our party is built on the principles of inclusivity and diversity, reflecting the rich tapestry of America, and we strive to create a brighter, more equitable future for all Americans.

from the Idaho Democratic Party website

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